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At Cronofy we want to get your calendar integration up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

We have created easy to use sample apps for a range of programming languages that demonstrate the full range of functionality in the Cronofy API:

Cronofy Sample App for .Net

Cronofy Sample App for Ruby

Cronofy Sample App for PHP

You can run them on your own system with your Cronofy credentials and full access to the source code so you can see how each feature works.

Check out our SDKs and Community Libraries as well.

Example Applications for Cronofy

We’ve created some standalone example apps to give you an idea of what you can do with third party integrations. Each sample application has both a technical guide which explains how we set it up and how you can do it too, and a live action version so you can see how it works in the wild.

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Trello Calendar Connector

With the Trello Calendar Connector, users’ calendars are automatically updated with the due dates of their Trello tasks. Two-way syncing means real-time accuracy and eliminates the need for manual editing across multiple calendars and software. Users also have full control over which tasks and cards are synced from which boards.

Technical guide: How we built the Trello Calendar Connector

See it in action: Trello Calendar Connector

Trello Calendar Connector

Evernote Calendar Connector

The Evernote Calendar Connector transforms a user’s Evernote reminders into calendar events. Two-way synchronization means that any changes are automatically kept up to date for real-time, reliable scheduling.

Technical guide: How we built the Evernote Calendar Connector

See it in action: Evernote Calendar Connector

Evernote Calendar Connector

Slack Calendar Connector

Help your whole team stay organized by integrating the calendars of your choice with your channels. You can set custom reminders before events, get daily and weekly digests, have private reminders about events, and much more. Ensure your teams are kept in the loop without any workflow changes.

Read more: Introducing the Slack Calendar Connector

See it in action: Slack Calendar Integration

Zendesk Calendar Connector

Similarly to the Evernote Calendar Connector, the Zendesk Calendar Connector turns Zendesk tasks into calendar events and keeps all changes perfectly synchronized between applications. It’s ideal for managing a team’s workload, priorities, and commitments.

Technical guide: Cronofy <> Zendesk

See it in action: Zendesk Calendar Connector

Zendesk Calendar Connector

Cronofy’s Calendar API manages to be both very powerful and easy to work with. We were able to build two-way calendar sync in our application in a few weeks. The implementation itself was straightforward and their support team was quick to help with any questions we had.

Albert Armengol
Co-founder - Doctoralia (Docplanner Group)

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