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April 26, 2018

How to Manage Projects with the Trello Calendar Connector

Ah, project management. So much to do and so many moving parts to coordinate.The bigger the project, the more pieces of the puzzle there are to fit together, and the more you have to think about.Trello is one of the world’s most well-known – and much-loved – project management tools. However, it’s not always the best tool for managing your time. Until now…

The best project management tool…made even better

Our Trello Calendar Connector makes it easier for you to manage projects of all shapes and sizes.

Set deadlines for each stage of your project; sync your projects with your calendar; even block out time in your calendar to work on your project so that nobody can book meetings with you while you’re working on it.

Everything syncs between Trello and your calendar in real-time, meaning you don’t need to worry about conflicts or out-of-date information.

It’s also completely secure and simple to set up.

Trello + your calendar = supercharged project management

What makes the Trello Calendar Connector truly special is that you don’t even have to open Trello to manage your events – you can do it from your calendar.

Adjust how long a task will take, what that task is, or even when the deadline is.

Set deadlines

Our Calendar Connector allows you to set deadlines for each of your cards.

These deadlines then sync across to your calendar, meaning that you can see them at-a-glance.

This also makes it easier when it comes to your other commitments, as you can schedule them around your project.

Plan your deep work

Knowing when you’re going to be doing some serious work on your project helps to keep you focused and allows you to plan in advance.

The all-day events feature means that you can set yourself a day to focus on your project. This day will then be blocked out in your schedule.

Should anyone using a calendar connected booking software try to organize a meeting with you, your day of working on your project won’t be suggested.

Never forget

Reminders sent via your calendar ensure that no matter when your deadline is, you can’t forget it. You don’t need to try and memorize it, or login to Trello to check when things are due.

Two-way sync

Any changes you make to your card are updated automatically in your calendar.

Likewise if you make any changes in your calendar, they’ll automatically sync across to your Trello boards, too.

Give your Trello boards super powers

Add all these great features and more to unlimited Trello boards for $9.48 a year (that's just 79¢ a month!).

I want my Trello boards to have superpowers

Jeremy is the Head of Marketing at Cronofy with over a decade of experience in the tech industry.

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