Trello Calendar Connector

Automatically sync your deadlines between Trello and your calendar

Connect your calendar

Trello calendar integration

Manage your work more effectively with the Trello Calendar Connector, an official Trello Power-Up.

You get your chosen Trello cards automatically added to (and synced with) your calendar so you can see all your deadlines and commitments in one place. Best of all, you have full control over what information is shared. The Trello Calendar Connector works with all calendar providers, including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, iCloud and Google Calendar. It’s business as usual…but better.


  • Automatic, two-way syncing
  • Connect to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar,, Microsoft Exchange, or Office 365 calendars
  • Works with all operating systems and devices
  • Manage your Calendar Sync settings from the Trello UI
  • Optimal security and privacy, including minimal data handling and storing
  • Full control over what’s synced

Use the Trello Calendar Connector to do any or all of the following:

  • Sync your assigned cards (for any/all of your Trello boards) with your calendar
  • Sync all of a board’s cards with due dates with your calendar
  • Connect multiple Trello boards to multiple calendars
  • Create dedicated calendars on your calendar account directly from the Trello connector
  • Manage due dates and adjust event names directly from within your calendar. They’ll update in Trello accordingly
  • Set durations on cards from your Calendar or directly within Trello

Keep on top of your deadlines with Trello calendar integration

It's scalable, secure, and updates automatically for real-time accuracy

Connect my calendar