Calendar Connector for Trello

What is the Trello Calendar Connector?

Trello is a great tool. It helps teams around the world to manage their projects and tasks successfully. We created this Calendar Connector to take things even further.

Our Power-Up syncs Trello boards with your calendar, allowing you to manage your Trello tasks and deadlines directly from your calendar.

Using this connector you’re able to move your cards' due dates and edit their content from your calendar and you get all the benefits of calendar events, such as blocking your schedule when you are busy working on a task.

And if you prefer to manage all your tasks from Trello changes will appear in your calendar.

How does it work?

Linking your Trello boards to your calendars has never been easier. And with two-way syncing, any changes you make to calendar events automatically update the due dates of tasks in your Trello boards.

Because it's built using the Cronofy Calendar API, you don't have to worry about which calendar service you use. It works with all calendars – you simply have to select your calendar provider and follow the guide. You'll be up and running in seconds.

The connector can also be used to track the time it takes to complete tasks to optimize future projects' timelines.

Connect your Trello boards

What does it cost?

It's free to connect your first Trello board to Cronofy and our support team is always on hand to help you get started.

You only pay $1.99 a month to connect as many boards as you like to your calendar.

The subscription works on a yearly model, meaning that you pay $23.88 and get access to all existing and upcoming features.

Visit Trello's website for more information on the Calendar Connector Power-Up by Cronofy.

Trello Calendar Connector

Manage your Trello tasks from your calendar

Connect your first Trello board to your calendar now and start adding and editing tasks from your calendar