All your Trello due dates in your calendar

Use your calendar to organize your Trello workload

The free Trello Calendar Connector leverages the Cronofy Calendar API to help you stay on top of your deadlines. By linking your Trello boards with your calendars you can automatically populate and update your calendars with the Trello cards of your choice.

Connect Trello to Calendars, It's Free!

What is the Trello Calendar Connector

This connector will sync Trello boards up with your calendar, allowing you to manage your Trello deadlines directly within your calendar. Using this connector you’re able to move your cards' due dates and edit their content from your calendar and you get all the benefits of other calendar events, such as notifications and the ability to visualize what you have coming up.

See how we built the Trello Calendar Connector

Connecting Trello to your calendars

Linking your Trello boards to your calendars has never been easier. And with two-way syncing, any changes you make to calendar events will automatically update the due dates of tasks in your Trello boards.

Because it's built using the Cronofy Calendar API you don't have to worry about which calendar service you are using. It works with all calendars, you simply have to select your calendar provider and follow the guide. You will be up and running in seconds.

Link up Trello to your calendars

Manage all your tasks from your calendar

The beauty of Trello is in its simplicity and its flexibility. If you are like us at Cronofy you know that Trello can be used for much more than project management.

We use Trello to manage our Blog schedule or (for some of us) our workout plans. With our Calendar Connector you can really unleash the full potential of Trello by embedding it into your schedule alongside your other commitments.

How to use the Calendar Connector

Connect your app to the calendars of your users

The Cronofy Calendar API gives developers the tools to build smart scheduling features into their applications. Turn calendars into fully connected interfaces to check users' real-time availability and boost engagement.