Add time-saving scheduling to your financial services business

Empower your team so they can make a great impression and build financial relationships the right way. The Cronofy Scheduler enables a first-class business scheduling experience for client conference calls, financial advice and meetings. Embed the tool in your business processes or integrate fully with the software your team uses every day.

  • Secure and compliant for your peace of mind
    Be confident that your compliance and security needs are met and build trust with clients.
  • Allow your teams to focus on delivering value
    Scheduling back-and-forth is a waste of resources that sends the wrong message. Instead, allow your teams to focus on delivering value.
  • Stand out from the crowd
    Differentiate yourselves from the competition and acquire your clients of tomorrow. Enable them to self-serve online when it comes to booking meetings.

Whether you want to make every meeting request personal with our Scheduler app or deliver real-time scheduling features to your product users by integrating our Scheduling APIs – you can transform your scheduling with Cronofy!

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Top financial businesses choose Cronofy

Your privacy is paramount

Data compliance is a serious matter in financial services. Our security and compliance certifications and accreditations like GDPR, ISO27001, SOC 2 Type II mean you can rest assured that Cronofy's scheduling products will meet your and your customer's security requirements. We are continuously working to meet industry and geographical standards - ensuring that our operations are going above and beyond, meeting more than just the bare minimum in compliance.

Not getting data protection right can bring reputational, commercial, regulatory and legal penalties. Getting it right reaps rewards in terms of customer confidence and trust.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant

5 hrs
a week admin time saved for advisors
30+ mins
back and forth for clients eliminated

Multi-party availability

Some meetings aren't simple 1:1s and require knowing the availability of multiple people from the financial organization's side. The Cronofy Scheduler makes it super easy to automatically display the availability of multiple experts' calendars in order to offer clients or contacts, a time that works for everyone. Book complex meetings in 2 clicks with Cronofy.

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Scheduling made easy

Why Cronofy

Real-time sync
Eliminate frustrating back and forth for your team and clients when booking meetings and include multiple people's availability.
Focus on what matters
Take away the hassle and focus on delivering great client experience rather than juggling schedules. Get to know your clients and keep things moving.
Focus on what matters
Schedule from your email and favorite applications with our free Chrome browser extension and Add-ins.

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People are talking about life with Cronofy

"In financial services, an ample amount of time is spent scheduling appointments with current or prospective clients. We wanted to stand out from our competitors and offer scheduling that enables the client to have some control and choose a time that works best for them."

Jonathan McAlister
Client Service Associate
Asset Planning Corporation

"Clients around the world entrust their data to Iron Mountain. Ensuring that their information – as well as our employees’ calendar datawas secure was a critical part of our work with Cronofy. Thanks to their Enterprise Connect feature we were also able to onboard all of our inside sales teams in one go."

Kevin Fitzgerald
Inside Sales Team Manager
Iron Mountain

"We're always looking for ways to digitize, become more efficient as a business. I wanted to engage and meet with people in a quicker way too. I was speaking with a consultant and he said, “what about Cronofy?” I said, “what’s Cronofy?” And he said, “it let's you do that, but it's for corporations - it’s a scheduling tool for corporations.

Ken Krieger
Chief Information Officer
The Judge Group