Great scheduling helps you deliver a better customer experience

As a customer support professional you focus on helping customers in a timely and personalized fashion. Responsiveness and personalization are essential to deliver a great customer experience.

How much time are your agents spending on scheduling back and forth? Scheduling can waste time and shouldn't get in the way of the customer experience. Existing scheduling tools don't take the specific requirements of customer support into consideration. Try the Scheduler now!

Hassle free Scheduling

Benefits of using the Scheduler

We believe that scheduling time to support and interact with customers should never be a hassle.

Show that you care
Don't ask customers to fill in their information when you invite them to book an interview slot. Send them scheduling links already personalized with their details.
Foster stronger relationships
Building relationships with customers and prospects is key to the success of any support team. Providing a hassle-free scheduling experience removes any risk of adding extra stresses and sets the right tone from the start.
Protect your time
As a support professional you're on the frontline answering customer queries. It's not appropriate to let prospects or clients freely book time in your calendar without your permission. That's why the meeting request links you create with Cronofy can only be used to setup one meeting.

Popular use cases

Great ways the Scheduler helps you deliver better candidate and customer experiences.

Scheduling a Support call with a Customer or Prospect

Scheduling a Success call between Client and a Success Manager

Scheduling the demo of a new feature

Cronofy works with

Bring the Scheduler's features to the applications and tools that you use every day.

Why use the Cronofy Scheduler
for Support?

We built the Cronofy Scheduler to allow you to send personalized meeting request links to clients and prospects. These links let them book time in your calendar based on your real-time availability. More importantly, these links are personalized with their details already. Invitees shouldn't have to fill in the information for a meeting you want to organize. Thanks to our integrations, this doesn't mean that you have to do the work either, everything is automated and you make a great impression and come across considerate of their time and needs.

Cronofy's scheduling links can only be used once because we understand that scheduling a Support or Success call shouldn't be an open invitation into your calendar. You are always in control.

Zendesk App Integration

It's our mission to make scheduling easier no matter the applications you use. That's why we've built an integration for Zendesk, a widely used Customer Service Software.

Our Zendesk integration lets you create and insert meeting request links directly in Zendesk tickets as you write them. It means you don't have to leave the application to check your availability and offer times, it only takes two clicks.

The Cronofy integration for Zendesk is included in all our plans and we're always working on more integrations!

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Chrome Browser Extension

With our free browser extension for Chrome you can generate meeting requests links from wherever you are handling your support tickets and customer relationships on the web.

It works with lots of popular tools including Gmail, Hubspot and Salesforce. It automatically fills out your contact's details for you, so you don't have to spend time on the tedious and repetitive tasks of scheduling.

The experience stays the same for the invitees, they receive a list of times and select the one that suits their availability (and yours!)

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Combine and share multiple people's availability

Our Combined Availability feature lets you add contacts to your Scheduler and include the real-time availability of these Connected Contacts in the meeting requests you create.

Showing your invitees that you care doesn’t have to be limited to 1:1 meetings.

This feature can be used from your Cronofy Scheduler but also from the browser extension, Outlook Add-in and Zendesk App, making scheduling easy no matter what tool you are using.

Learn more about Combined Availability

Getting started

Sign up for the Scheduler by connecting your calendar in two clicks. Use the Scheduler with our Chrome Extension and Add-ins for maximum efficiency when scheduling calls with customers and prospects.

Identify Support ticket

Identify that a call is required to progress a support ticket and start composing your answer.

Use the embedded Scheduler button for Zendesk or our browser extension for Hubspot to create a meeting request link.


Include the availability of any additional people from your Connected Contacts required for the meeting - if you are scheduling a success call or a product demo for example.

Confirm meeting details and create link

Verify the meeting details and add video conferencing details or location as desired. Generate the link and it will be automatically added to the ticket you are writing.

Customer selects a day and time

The customer or prospect will be provided with a simple slot picking process. They can choose a day and time that suits them and your other required attendees from the times you have offered in just two clicks!

Once the meeting slot has been selected by the invitee, it will be added to everyone's calendar automatically and you'll receive a confirmation email.

Share availability without
compromising on security

With the Scheduler you and your Connected Contacts only share free/busy information for the period of time that you set.

Choose from fixed periods - from a week up to a year. We make it easy to prolong the sharing if you wish but the decision should be made by you or your organization. It's important that your calendar events remain private and that you are in control of your availability and how long you share it for.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant

It's time to leave those scheduling headaches behind

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