Intelligent event sequencing for your software

Using Cronofy’s Sequenced Availability API, you can set up rules to schedule even the most complex event sequences in seconds.

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Intelligent Sequencing

Schedule complex event sequences instantly

Organizing one meeting can often take hours. Organizing a sequence of them…well, that can take even longer. Hours – maybe even days – of employees’ valuable time spent trying to find the right time that works for the right people in the right order. It creates unnecessary stress for everyone involved.

Cronofy’s Sequenced Availability API offers an alternative. Even the most complex event sequences can be built and scheduled in seconds. There’s less admin time involved for organizers, invitees, and attendees.

How it works

Take the hassle out of event sequencing

The Sequenced Availability API can be used to create complex sequences of events and present them to attendees as easy-to-book single events.

Each event in the sequence can be connected to the availability of a different calendar user – or group of calendar users – to find the most suitable day and time for the sequence of events to happen. There can be one calendar user and a meeting room required for the first event, three calendars users for the second, two for the third, etc.

It’s entirely flexible and based on the rules that you or your users set up. The organizers have full control over who is in attendance and in what order the events happen.

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Use Case

Multi-part interview scheduling

Interview scheduling processes can be complex and require candidates to attend assessment days or multi-parts interviews.

In multi-part interviews, candidates may be asked to attend a meeting with HR, discuss their skills with the team, and go through their CV with the hiring manager. The person organizing the interview can choose if these events need to happen in a specific order, or if they can happen in any order.

Times will then be suggested based on if they choose a fixed or flexible order. Our Real-Time Scheduling API can be used to share available time slots with candidates.

Resource booking

Factor in meeting rooms and resources

When suggesting times, Intelligent Sequencing can factor in the availability of rooms and resources. That means that with one API call, everything from the people that need to attend a meeting, to the equipment that they need, to a large enough space, can all be booked at the same time.

It can even add in buffers before or after events to ensure there’s plenty of time between each appointment.

Scheduling complex event sequences doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Give your users their time back by adding Intelligent Sequencing to your software.

The 8× service is designed to provide on demand access to secure video meetings for anyone with a web browser. We’re genuinely excited that Cronofy is bringing this capability to any service that they’re powering scheduling for.

Tim Mooney
Head of Product, Video Collaboration - 8x8
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