Cronofy Ruby Gem from the community

Author: Adam Bird

24th February 2015

Cronofy for developers

When building a service like ours, supporting a developer community is a real two-way street. We’re focused on delivering a first rate service to empower all sorts of new interactions for developers.

A well documented and robust API is a minimum requirement, but libraries wrapping API interactions for all the major development platforms make it super easy for developers to get straight to the value. It’s an ongoing, long-term project for us to put as much useful code out there as possible in a range of languages to help make your work with Cronofy even easier.

Introducing the Cronofy Ruby Gem

I’m surprised that you haven’t built a cronofy gem yet to give developers an easy interface to interact with your tool. I believe that you are busy with more important things that will bring Cronofy up to the sky. To appreciate what you did so far, I’ve created a cronofy gem.

            – Sergii, Ruby developer and Cronofy community contributor

Time is the most precious resource any early stage company has and how you allocate it is critical. So when you receive an email like this from a community member it’s wonderful in all sorts of ways. With his blessing, we’ve brought Sergii’s Cronofy Ruby Gem into the Cronofy GitHub organisation so we can collaborate on it and make it easier to find. Please let us know how you’re using it – we love hearing about how Cronofy is being utilised in the wild.

Thanks Sergii! We’ve put some Icons of Time stickers in the post for you and your colleagues.

Over to you

If you’d like to contribute any code, or suggest changes, please head over to the Cronofy GitHub or suggest an idea on our feedback forum. We really appreciate your time and help in making the Cronofy Calendar API better.

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Adam Bird

Date: 24th February 2015 | Category: API, Cronofy, Developers