Cronofy and Appointedd: Making scheduling smarter

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

10th August 2015

One of the most rewarding things about working at Cronofy is seeing how our calendar API has a visibly positive impact on the businesses and services who use it every day.

One of these businesses is Appointedd, a platform that a whole host of other successful businesses rely on in turn to maximise their efficiency and customer service. We’re delighted to present their story here as our latest case study, and showcase the way in which they use the Cronofy calendar API to make their service even better.

About Appointedd

Appontedd provides fantastic online booking software for all kinds of businesses, helping them book in more customers, increase loyalty, and manage and market their services easily.

Some of Appointedd’s great features include:

  • 4 click bookings for customers.
  • Booking apps for Facebook pages, microsites, and websites.
  • Text and email appointment reminders and marketing.
  • Task scheduling, record keeping and reports.
  • Multi-timezone scheduling.

And now, using Cronofy, Appointedd offers External Calendar Integration, ensuring all your Appointedd bookings automatically stay synced to your existing calendar.

Appointedd Calendar Integration

The Cronofy and Appointedd story

Working in a business-to-business relationship, you really get a feel for what a company is like behind the scenes. Appointedd is one of those companies that’s great inside and out, and we were more than happy to bring forward features from our roadmap that they needed (e.g. filtering read events, calls, and push notifications so that developers only receive them for events they are managing).

“The API is consistent and well documented and the support is first class. They even added a feature to fit our needs!”
                               – Billy Jones, Lead Developer at Appointedd

From a customer perspective, Appointedd now ensures that creating clashing bookings is a thing of the past for business owners and their customers.

Any external calendars that are being used, such as Google Calendar, automatically sync with Appointedd’s online booking platform so that everyone is kept up to date without needing to manually add, change, or delete events manually in every app and platform. This is done through our Event Creation functionality, which allows Appointedd’s business clients to insert bookings into their own customers’ calendars and keep them up to date via push notifications.

To learn more about how this works in practice, read the full story here: Online Booking with Appointedd and Cronofy.

Appointedd Case Study

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