Announcing the Availability API

Author: Jérémy Bourhis

19th December 2016

Organising meetings is a hassle. Working out who is available and when takes a lot of time and gets more difficult the more a company grows.

At Cronofy we’re connecting software providers with the calendars of their users. Using the Cronofy API’s real-time connection to people’s busy schedules, our customers are coming up with smart new ways to get people together.

This is important to so many of our customers that we’ve decided to make it even easier.

Real-time Availability

The Cronofy Availability API helps you find – in real time – the best time for your users to get together. Whether they want to meet for an hour on a Monday, book a training session when all trainees have a free afternoon or book the next available plumber to fix that leak, it’s just one call to the Availability API.

We’ll even notify you if anyone cancels.

How it works

Call our Availability API with the calendars of the users you’d like to include, let us know for how long them to meet and the time windows across which you wish to search.
You can also specify that you’d like ‘one of’ a set of calendars to attend. This is useful for finding a room for a meeting, or perhaps you’d like one of a group of people to attend but you don’t mind which.

Looking for Inspiration?

The Availability API can be used to solve a whole range of common scheduling challenges. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Booking interviews between a dozen job applicants and an already busy interview panel is a complex time consuming task. Use the Availability API to present job applicants with a set of options for when to book their interview at times when you know – at that moment – that the interviewing panel are all available and there’s a room where it can take place.

  • You need to book a team of 10 people on to a morning-long training session. Call the Availability API to find the next time when they’re all going to be free to attend. We’ll even notify you if anyone cancels.

  • You need an engineer to come out and repair a boiler, use the Availability API to easily search the different calendars of your contractors in real-time to find out who at that moment can take on the job and then book them in.

  • It’s appraisal time and every one of hundreds of staff members needs to meet with their line manager, and there are only so many meeting rooms.
    Usually this is a huge amount of work for an HR team but the Availability API allows you to find – in real-time – a booking for each and every staff member when they, their manager and a meeting room are all available.

Everyone’s Availability in an instant with Enterprise Connect

For those customers making use of our Enterprise Connect feature, the Availability API works even better.
Enterprise Connect lets you gain access to the calendars of an entire organisation all in one go. This means that you can use the Availability API to find the best time for meetings between anyone in that organisation. This includes resources like rooms, equipment and parking spaces.

Start Building Now


The Availability API is available now. You can check out the API documentation and sign up for your free developer account to try it out.

If you’re not ready to start building, let’s talk about it! Book a one to one demo.

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Date: 19th December 2016 | Category: Announcements, Cronofy, Features