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Two-way calendar sync allows your customers to schedule appraisals up to 99% faster

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Streamline the organization of performance appraisals

The bigger the company, the more complicated it is to organize yearly appraisals.

HR teams can waste weeks coordinating the schedules of managers, employees, and meeting rooms. This is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

So why isn’t it?

Schedule in seconds

Your customers can schedule appraisals in seconds with Enterprise Connect.

It connects to a whole organization’s calendar domain in one go, eradicating the need for manual authorization. Every employee benefits from calendar sync as soon as the connection is set up.

HR teams can find managers’ and team members’ availability – and schedule meetings between them – in just a few clicks. Instead of wasting time on admin tasks, employees have more time to work toward their goals.

Connect people to places

Available meeting rooms are just as important as meeting attendees. When using Enterprise Connect, any calendars that exist for bookable rooms and resources are also connected to your software. That way, whenever a meeting is scheduled, organizers can be sure that there’s a meeting room available when they need it.

If the rooms or resources required don’t have calendars yet, you can set up Cronofy-hosted calendars instead. These calendars only exist on our servers but you can use them for any bookable resources.

Safety and security sorted

When connecting to hundreds – maybe thousands – of calendars at once, privacy is an inevitable concern.

Enterprise Connect protects your users’ data to the highest of standards.

Instead of individual entry points being created for each calendar connected, one entry point is created for the whole calendar domain. IT and data security teams monitor one entry point, giving them more time to spend on other tasks.

You can also decide if you want access to all your users’ data or only their free/busy information.

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Working with the Cronofy team has been great, we were able to deliver exciting new scheduling features based on the real-time availability of our users in less than a month. Our users have taken full advantage of the new features, reducing their administrative tasks considerably and allowing them to offer a better candidate experience.

Erik Andersson
CEO - TeamTailor

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