Performance Evaluation Scheduling

Streamlined appraisal organization

Organizing end-of-year reviews is a huge-scale operation, especially for companies with thousands of employees. Finding a time when everyone is free and there's a room available to meet can take more time than the meetings themselves.

HR Tech providers use the Cronofy Availability API to facilitate scheduling. Once the organization’s calendars are connected, every review can be booked automatically by the HR software.

Automated resource management

When end-of-year reviews start, finding a room to meet is an ordeal. To avoid double-bookings it's possible to manage bookable resources like any other calendar user.

Calendar integration makes it possible to access the calendars for bookable resources such as meeting rooms and parking spaces. These resources can then be booked directly from the HR solution at times when they're available.

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Ross McNairn

“Cronofy lets us focus on our core by saving us time and keeping a tricky domain at arm’s length. It’s well engineered and exceptionally well supported.”

— Ross McNairn, Head of Corporate Travel, Skyscanner

Building calendar integration into your solutions

Adding calendar synchronization and real-time availability features to HR solutions has never been easier. The Cronofy Calendar API works with all the main calendar services including Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange and

The Enterprise Connect feature allows you to authorize access to the calendars of an entire company domain in one go. You'll even have access to the calendars of new users as they join – they won't need to spend time on their first day connecting calendars.

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Don’t compromise on staff privacy

Enterprise Connect gives one connection to your customer’s calendar system instead of an individual connection to each calendar. One entry point means that your customer has centralized control over the calendars connected.

People add all sorts of appointments to their calendars from medical appointments to family commitments - things they may not want other people to see. That's why you can decide what level of access you need. If you only need to know free/busy information then that’s all the information you'll see. All information is encrypted and secured, guaranteeing everyone's privacy.

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“Personio is building an innovative HR management and recruiting solution for HR departments, managers and employees. Real-time calendar sync is crucial to ensuring it fits seamlessly into both their working and personal lives. ”

— Hanno Renner, Co-founder & CEO, Personio