Absence Booking and Management

Spend less time managing days off

In many businesses when it comes to booking paid time off (PTO) an employee has to login to a HR application and send a request to their line manager. Once the PTO has been accepted that same employee needs to notify their colleagues.

That’s one of the many HR scheduling challenges that can be solved with the Cronofy Calendar API. With Calendar Integration, it's easy for HR application providers to offer a better experience to their end users.

Sync to employees’ calendars in

Our Calendar API offers real-time calendar synchronization, allowing employees to book absences directly from their calendar no matter what calendar service their organization uses. You can build your integration so that the request will automatically be sent to the absence booking system and a notification sent to the line manager.

There’s no more need for line managers to spend time checking numerous calendars or individual schedules when authorizing absences, either. Everyone’s calendars can be seen in the same place and updated in real-time.

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“Our new calendar sync functionality has made me super giddy! It's so easy to authorize and get up and running!”

— Leah Hutcheon, CEO, Appointedd

Reduce disruptions

It's hard to predict when sickness will strike, making sickness absence difficult to manage.

Managers are not always available to pick up a call or let the team know that someone will be missing work. By building calendar integration into your HR solution, you can enable employees to enter their absence into their calendars and notify their manager and the rest of the team.

If the HR solution also uses our Availability API, any meetings can be rescheduled and attendees notified.

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Connect to whole organizations securely

The potential of calendar integration can truly be unleashed when every employee in an organization is Calendar Connected. If even one staff member doesn’t authorize their calendar communication breaks will appear.

With Enterprise Connect you can onboard an entire organization's domain in one go without requesting individual authorization.

Calendars often hold private information, that's why all the data we host is encrypted. You can also decide what level of access into users’ calendars you want to have. If the HR solution only needs to know if an employee is free or busy then you don’t need to host and protect any other data.

Connect to whole organizations securely with Enterprise Connect.

Add Calendar Synchronization to your HR solutions

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“HR systems today need to have the employee front and center and must require minimal training. Leveraging chat systems and native interfaces like calendars provide people with natural user experiences that just work wherever they are.”

— Anton Roe, CTO, MHR