Discover how Click Travel's users get all their travel information automatically in their calendars with Cronofy's calendar sync technology

Click Travel is an award-winning corporate travel management platform with a mission to reduce the cost and complexity of travel management.

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Calendar API

"Getting started with the Cronofy Calendar API is really easy. We set up a minimum viable product within a couple of days. It was then very straightforward to release the real-time calendar sync feature to our customers."

Tom Martin

Product Manager, ClickTravel
Read, write, and edit events in your users’ calendars with our Unified Calendar API.
Calendar API
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Click Travel is an award-winning corporate travel management platform with a mission to reduce the cost and complexity of travel management.

Their platform aggregates information from many websites and providers, including airlines, train companies, and hotels. They offer an unparalleled choice to business users looking to book journeys and accommodations.

Click Travel helps businesses – big and small – save time and money. It combines a straightforward and easy to use online booking system with a dedicated account manager and 24/7 traveler help.

Each business can set their travel policies – budget, duration, etc. – and it only presents their users with compliant options.

The Challenge

The common experience when you book a flight or a hotel online is to receive your confirmation and details in your inbox after you make the booking.

Professionals are always on the go. Arriving at the train station or hotel and sifting through emails to find your booking details can be tedious and risks holding other people up.

To ensure that you don’t miss your connections – or book a meeting when you are supposed to be in-flight – events need to be added to your calendar.

Click Travel are committed to constantly improving their product based on their customers’ feedback.

That’s why when users requested a way to connect their calendars to the platform – to streamline the booking process – they were quick to react and investigate how it could be done.

Calendar integration is difficult when working with one calendar service provider. But Click Travel works with companies that use a range of calendar services. They needed to find a way to offer scheduling solutions to as many of their customers as possible without an increase in development time.

And that’s when things can get tricky.

This takes months of development time. Developers need to build individual connections to the APIs of each calendar service. These connections also need to be maintained as these services are updated regularly. This means the work never really stops.

Click Travel needed a solution that would allow them to integrate with all major calendar service providers in the fraction of the time it would take them to achieve that in-house.

That’s why they approached us. Our Unified Calendar API ticked all the boxes for Click Travel’s development team. They decided to leverage our technology to add great scheduling features to their platform.

The Cronofy Calendar API integrates your software with all major calendar service providers–Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft, and Microsoft Exchange (including on-premise). Developers only have to work with one API. They don’t have to worry about maintenance either; we take care of that and ensure connections are always up-to-date.

The Solution

Click Travel now uses real-time calendar sync to help users manage their schedules more efficiently. After a user makes their first booking with the platform, it prompts them to sync their calendar with Click Travel. They can choose to sync their work or personal calendar.

Users can book entire journeys from travel to transfer and accommodations. When a booking is made calendar events are automatically created and pushed into the user’s calendar. It’s that simple!

The events contain all the information – like booking details and flight times – in the event title so it’s easily accessible when on the go. There’s no risk of double-bookings or missing flights.

With the help of our Unified Calendar API they have simplified the booking experience. Users can book travel and accommodations online and have their booking information automatically added to their calendars for easy access.

What Click Travel has achieved is a great example of how real-time calendar sync can simplify complex processes. Users don’t have to juggle multiple applications. They find all the travel information they need where it makes sense – in their calendars.

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