Zendesk Calendar Connector

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Zendesk calendar integration

Synchronize Zendesk tasks with your team’s calendars automatically with our free Zendesk Calendar Connector.

Whatever calendar service you and your team use, our Zendesk Calendar Connector helps you to work faster and smarter.

Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Office 365, Outlook.com, and Microsoft Exchange are all supported.

Zendesk Calendar Connector


  • Automatic two-way syncing
  • Works with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook.com, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365
  • Compatible with all operating systems and devices
  • Optimized security and privacy
  • Zendesk App Marketplace approved
Zendesk Calendar Connector

How it works

When you mark a Zendesk Ticket as a Task, an event will automatically appear in the assigned agent’s calendar. The event will include the name of the Task, and a link back to it in Zendesk.

To edit the due date, move the event in your calendar. The task’s date will automatically update in Zendesk.

With real-time syncing and widespread calendar compatibility, it’s easy to keep everyone productive and in the loop.

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