Connect Your Calendar to Your Favorite Apps

Ever wished you could connect your favorite app or software to your calendar? Make it happen with our free Calendar Connectors. Google, Apple, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and calendars are all supported.

Below is a complete list of all the calendar connectors we’ve created so far. They work with all browsers and devices, and you can add the same calendar to multiple connectors. Simply click through to connect your calendar/s to whichever services you like and they'll do all the hard work.

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Trello Calendar Connector

Manage your deadlines more effectively by connecting your calendar to Trello. When you add a card with a due date to Trello, it's automatically added to your calendar event. If you edit the event in your calendar, it updates in Trello too.

The Trello Calendar Connector works with Apple Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, and Google Calendar. For more information and a setup guide please see the Trello Calendar Connector page.

Connect your calendar to Trello

Trello Calendar Connector

Evernote Calendar Connector

Connect Evernote directly to Apple Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, or Google Calendar.

When you set a reminder in Evernote, a corresponding event will appear in your calendar. From your calendar, change the time by moving the event, alter your note's name by changing the event name, or delete the event to remove the reminder. See our Evernote Calendar Connector guide for more details.

Connect your calendar to Evernote

Evernote Calendar Connector

Slack Calendar Connector

Automatically post reminders before an event or updates when an event is changed with the Slack Calendar Connector. Choose which Slack groups and channels to post to, and use the comment /cronofy to get a summary for any day.

It's fully compatible with your Google, Apple, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or calendar(s). You can connect as many as you like across your team.

Connect your calendar to Slack

Slack Calendar Connector

Zendesk Calendar Connector

Synchronize tasks with your team's Exchange, Office 365,, Apple, and/or Google calendars automatically with the Zendesk Calendar Connector.

When a Ticket is marked as a Task, an event will appear in the assigned agent's calendar containing the name and a link back to the Task in Zendesk. Move the event in your calendar and the task's due date will be updated automatically in Zendesk. Learn more with our Zendesk Calendar Connector guide.

Connect your calendar to Zendesk

Zendesk Calendar Connector

About Cronofy

The Calendar Connectors above are just some of the ways that you can use the Cronofy Calendar API.

We give developers the opportunity to work with a single, secure, feature-rich solution that replaces the need to work with five separate calendar APIs (Apple iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, and Google Calendar).

Connect your calendars to your favorite applications with Cronofy

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If you’re a developer and you’d like access to the Cronofy API, take a look at the docs or create your free account. If you have a business that offers any kind of scheduling or time management services, check out some of the ways companies use Cronofy or book a demo to find out more.