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How to improve interview scheduling and transform your team efficiency

What tasks would you spend your time on if you had one extra day per week?


Interview scheduling is a time-consuming, often frustrating task. SmartRecruiters Sr Manager of Ecosystem, Liz Laurent, joins our Head of Talent, Mark Harbottle, to discuss common pain points and how to make the process more efficient, saving you 300 hours a year!

Plus, see our new SmartRecruiters integration in action, demonstrated by our Head of Sales!


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What you'll discover:

  • How to speed up interview scheduling and improve your recruitment process
  • How to manage other stakeholders in the hiring process
  • How Cronofy transforms interview scheduling, with a live demo
  • How to integrate Cronofy with your SmartRecruiters software

Learn how Cronofy can:

  • Help you schedule interviews 95% faster
  • Save you one day a week to spend on higher value tasks
  • Increase efficiency and performance of your team
  • Improve the candidate experience

Hosted by

A headshot photo of Cronofy CEO, Adam Bird.
Mark Harbottle
Mark Harbottle is Head of Talent at Cronofy. He has 12 years experience working in recruitment, specializing in the technology sector for most of his career. He has a passion for people, talent, and culture.
A headshot photo of Cronofy CEO, Adam Bird.
Liz Laurent
Liz Laurent is Senior Manager of Ecosystem at SmartRecruiters. She has 14 years experience in the tech sector, including 5 years in Product Strategy and 10+ years in Sales Engineering, Sales Enablement, and Customer Experience.
A headshot photo of Cronofy CEO, Adam Bird.
Mark Ridderhof
Mark Ridderhof is Head of Sales at Cronofy. He has 9 years experience in sales, with 7 of them being spent within the SaaS industry. He has a passion for helping businesses improve their processes through innovation.
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Cronofy + SmartRecruiters

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