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Resolve customers technical problems quickly

Set up calls to diagnose and resolve technical issues quickly. Give your customer the power to schedule a technical support call whenever suits them best.

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Get customers back on track without delay

Eliminate the back-and-forth of organising technical support calls with your customers – now they can book up in just a couple of clicks.

Auto add conferencing

Book calls with your Zoom, Teams or Google Meet links already added to the invite.

See upcoming calls

Always see pending bookings and upcoming support calls. See any changes in real-time.

Schedule for yourself or others

Book in technical support calls even if you’re not available. Schedule on behalf of a colleague and make sure your customers get answers quickly.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant

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