WEBINAR: Talent Acquisition experts panel discussion

Get candidate insights to improve processes and hire the best talent to grow

Our recent survey of 6,500 candidates from around the globe found that 62% of senior candidates have left a hiring process because of scheduling delays. This has a direct impact on organizations being able to hire the best talent. This impacts businesses ability to grow at a time when organizations are very focused on economic recovery and recruitment teams are stretched.

The competition for talent is fierce and organizations cannot afford to waste time because of interview scheduling delays. Join us as we discuss the data and the importance of creating the right interview process.


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Our panel

Leading experts and thought leaders in the world of Scheduling and HR Tech

Adam Bird
CEO and Co-founder, Cronofy
Sharlyn Lauby
Author, HR Bartender
Tim Sackett
Author and Work Tech Analyst

What you'll learn

  • Insights from Cronofy’s latest survey on candidate expectations
  • Understanding how interview scheduling links with employer brand
  • Measuring the impact of interview scheduling on the candidate experience
  • Strategies for improving the candidate’s interview and hiring experience
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