One Calendar API

Integrating with calendars is hard.

Each platform has its own data models and authentication flows.

We've had to solve these problems to deliver our service.

Now we've opened up our API to you.

Explore the Cronofy Calendar API

Cronofy works with

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Apple
  • Google

Support all calendars not just the easy one

Google calendars are relatively easy to integrate with but inevitably your users aren't only Google users.

A common data model and us handling authentication and authorisation flows for all calendars means you can focus on your app.

No more maintenance overheard of keeping up to with the latest changes to calendar services.

No more public iCal feeds

iCal feeds are simple to create but awkward to subscribe to for many users and rely on security through obscurity

The Cronofy API interacts directly and securely with your user's calendar accounts to ensure sensitive information is in the right place and up to date.

Web hooks

Receive notifications when events are created, updated, tagged.

We handle the complexity of watching for changes so your app remains simple and just needs to react to what's important.

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