Recorded on 15 July 2024

Cronofy Live Q&A - July 2024

Adejoke (JK) Adekunle
Product Marketing Manager

Join our interactive live demo to discover how you can automate the interview scheduling process and focus on finding the best talent.

Whether you are on the fence about automating your scheduling or just starting your research for a vendor, this session is tailored for you to see how Cronofy can help your team schedule interviews faster.

This webinar is best for:
  • In-House Recruiters
  • External Recruiters
  • Talent Operations
You will learn:
  • How Cronofy helps you improve candidate experience
  • How you can schedule interviews with Cronofy inside your ATS
  • Real-world examples of Cronofy in action across various hiring scenarios
  • Guidance on implementation and change management for adopting Cronofy
Adejoke (JK) Adekunle
Product Marketing Manager