Unlock hiring success with video interviews

Video interviews are taking over from phone interviews in most hiring processes. They allow recruiters to filter candidates better and establish more personal relationships.

In this one pager we explore the best practices for video interviewing – with stats, the latest technology and expert input from Cronofy partners.

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What’s in the guide?

  • Step-by-step guide to using video interviewing to ensure a brilliant candidate experience
  • Best practices and tips for both pre-recorded and live video interviewing
  • HR Tech software, expert advice and industry data and statistics
  • Scheduling needs within the hiring process and benefits of automation

HR + TECH: Best Practices

This campaign collates and shares industry insights and best practices throughout the entire candidate and employee lifecycle. Questions about onboarding? We have the answers. Need to reduce your time to hire? We can help.

The trends and tips have been sourced from our daily interactions working with market leaders and Cronofy clients in the HR Tech space.  Alongside partnering to resolve scheduling pain points, this suite of content and expert advice aims to empower product managers, HR specialists and influencers with the latest tools and information to deliver greater user satisfaction, engagement and help businesses provide first-class services to candidates and employees throughout their journey.


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