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Never miss out on a reservation again

In a busy restaurant it’s not always possible for staff to get to the phone to take reservations. However, each missed phone call is a potential customer that could go elsewhere.

When restaurants use a restaurant reservation system, they make the process of reserving tables easier for their customers and save staff time.

Not only that, but if the booking system is calendar connected, there are even more benefits.

Add reservations to customers’ calendars

When restaurant reservation software is calendar connected, as soon as a reservation is made it can be pushed to the restaurant’s calendar. When all the tables are full for a particular time slot, it’s removed from the list of suggestions.

The system can also be set up so that it only shows customers times when the restaurant has space for the required number of people. If a customer wants to book a table for six at seven o’clock but there’s only a table for two left, it won’t show any available spaces. It can also be set up to offer alternative times that fit their needs.

Customers also have the option to add the reservation to their calendar, even if they use a different calendar service to the restaurant.

Update reservations in real-time

In the hospitality business, things can change fast. Sometimes a restaurant needs to close due to unforeseen circumstances, or a particular party can’t be catered to because of a staff shortage.

When restaurant reservation software is calendar synced, bookings can be updated via the restaurant or the customer’s calendar. Everyone is kept informed in real-time.

If a customer cancels, the table they’d reserved becomes available in the online booking system again straight away. This means restaurants don’t miss out on business because of last-minute cancellations.

Send reminders

Calendar events can also be set up to send customers reminders before their reservation so that they don’t forget and the restaurant doesn’t lose business.

Our geolocation feature also means that customers can be sent a reminder when it’s time to leave, based on their location.

Create a better experience for customers by allowing them to reserve a table online and add their reservation to their calendar.

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