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Real-time, automated interview scheduling

The interview scheduling process can take more than a full working day. That’s more than eight hours wasted for every candidate that’s hired.

Adding interview scheduling to your ATS is no longer a question of if, it’s a question of when. Your customers are crying out for easier ways to schedule interviews.

Not using the best interview scheduling service available means they risk losing the best candidates to their competitors. Their employees lose time that could be better spent preparing for interviews instead of scheduling them, too.

So why not offer them a solution?

A booking interface that updates in real-time

Real-Time Scheduling provides you with a booking interface that you can add to your software in less than half the time it would take you to build something similar yourself.

Users can even request the availability of rooms and resources at the same time.

It’s a faster, easier way to offer calendar synced interview scheduling to your users.

It works with all major calendar services, meaning you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues with your users’ calendars.

You can even configure it to match your branding.

How Real-Time Scheduling works

To schedule an interview with Real-Time Scheduling, the hiring manager enters the candidate details and chooses the members of the interview panel.

They then generate a booking link to send to candidates.

This link works with individuals and groups: there’s no need to email everyone individually.

Once the link has been sent, their job is done.

The candidate uses this link to book their interview in their own time, based on the latest schedules of the interview panel.

Schedule sequenced interviews in seconds

Multi-part interviews are the most complicated type of interview to organize. There are lots of moving parts involved, from the interviewers themselves, to rooms and resources, to candidates.

Using Availability Sequencing, you can make the process easier for you and your users. You can add the feature to your software quickly and easily, while your users can create interview sequences in minutes.

You can choose between using Availability Sequencing as part of Real-Time Scheduling, or use it on its own to build a booking interface yourself.

Cronofy’s documentation, sample apps and support is excellent and has enabled a fast and painless calendar integration. Not having to integrate with different calendar providers and having almost no maintenance to speak of has allowed us to focus on delivering scheduling solutions based on the real-time availability of our users quickly.

David Wennergren
CTO - TeamTailor

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Find availability in real-time

If you need two-way calendar sync but not a booking interface, you can use our Availability API.

When our Availability API receives a request, it returns times that work for up to 10 users, rooms, and resources. Your users don’t need to flit between different apps and calendars to check availabilities – they can schedule everything they need for an interview at the same time.

It works even better with Enterprise Connect. Enterprise Connect allows your software to connect automatically to the calendars of an entire organization. Employees get the benefits of calendar sync with none of the hassle that comes with a manual authorization process. It’s simple, it’s secure, and your customers have full control over who is connected and when.

Add interview scheduling to your software

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