Streamline the interview process with calendar sync

Organizing a time when the busy members of an interview panel are free to meet a candidate can waste hours, sometimes days. But it doesn't have to.


Interview Scheduling for HR Software

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Calendar Sync

Check the real-time availability of users

Build calendar integration into your applicant tracking system with our Availability API. Check the real-time availability of users, propose interview times that fit around people’s schedules, and create a more candidate-focused hiring process.

Interview scheduling becomes a faster process for everyone involved.

Personio is building an innovative HR management and recruiting solution for HR departments, managers and employees. Real-time calendar sync is crucial to ensuring it fits seamlessly into both their working and personal lives.

Hanno Renner
Co-founder & CEO - Personio

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Enterprise Connect

Only access the information you need

Calendars contain a lot of sensitive personal and professional information. Our Availability API allows you to see the availability of the interview panel members and candidates without compromising their privacy.

When you build your calendar integration you can customize settings so that you only see if a user is free or busy. Personal appointments remain private.

Using Enterprise Connect, you can also onboard whole organizations in one go without having to get every calendar authorized individually.

Availability API

Adjusts to changes in real-time

Even with the best preparation, plans can change. Whether it’s bad weather, a never-ending traffic jam, or a family emergency, there are times when people just can’t make the scheduled slot. This used to result in more back-and-forth phone calls or long email chains.

By integrating Cronofy into your applicant tracking system, rearranging is much easier. Users can update their schedule via their preferred calendar service. Depending on how you decide to set up your integration, our Availability API can then, in real-time, send notifications to your HR system and users so that everyone can be kept informed of any changes.

Another time slot that works for everyone can then be proposed and accepted from your users’ calendars, just like before.

Key benefits of real-time interview scheduling

Take away the hassle

Sync your users calendar with your software quickly and securely with our unified Calendar API.

Visualize users' availability

Visualize the availability of users calendars with our Availability API. This can be simple free/busy information or include event details.

Share users' availability

Share the availability of one or many calendars through booking links. Recipients can choose what time works best for them.

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