Managing Paid Time Off with Calendar Sync

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Calendar connectivity made easy

Connecting calendars is a complicated and time-consuming process. Basic online calendar services are still limited in what they can achieve. They really reach their full potential when connected to software, such as that used to manage employees’ paid time off.

With the Cronofy Calendar API you can connect HR platforms with all the major calendar services. When integrated to your HR software, Cronofy allows managers and employees to organize everything from paid time off to job interviews directly from their calendars.

Cronofy is secure, easy-to-use, and our support team is always here to help. But don’t take our word for it – check out some of our case studies to see what our clients think.

Organizing paid time off is easier for both employees and employers when Cronofy is integrated into paid time of management software.

Update calendar events in real-time

One of the issues with HR systems is that they require users to login to a different service in order to book their absences. This cause disturbances to employees and managers alike. It can also result in information being duplicated incorrectly.

Calendars are interfaces everyone is familiar with and where we are used to managing our time. Giving your teams the ability to manage their paid time off directly from their calendar provides a better user experience.

Integrating Cronofy into your absence management software means that every relevant calendar events are also added and updated in real-time on the HR system.

And with Cronofy’s Enterprise Connect feature the calendars of an entire organization can be connected in one go.

It doesn't matter what size your company is - Cronofy can connect to thousands of employees with just a few clicks, making managing paid time off almost as easy as relaxing on the beach.

Manage everything in one place

The bigger a team is the more difficult it can be for a manager to keep track of the upcoming absences of their team members. Having to login to a HR software to accept holidays request and enter an employee’s sick days can be seen as a waste of time.

When an organization’s calendars are connected to the absence management software, there’s no need for managers to switch between applications. Everything can be managed from their calendars.

They will receive real-time notifications as events are added to their calendars when employees request paid time off. Managers will also see absence requests alongside meetings and other commitments for that period.

There's no need for pen and paper when managing paid time off with Cronofy - everything can be kept in one place and updated in real-time.

Get everyone calendar connected

When it comes to booking vacation or sick days, having to log into a specific tool doesn’t create a great user experience for employees.

Calendar sync can streamline the process and prevent communication breakdowns.

Booking holidays directly from their calendars means that team members don’t have to create events in their calendars and on the HR platform to notify their colleagues of their upcoming absences.

It’s also really useful when an employee can’t make it to the office because they’re sick. By simply adding an event into their calendars they can notify their teams and the people they were supposed to have meetings with for example.

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