Online Booking Use Cases for Calendar Sync

Discover some of the ways calendar sync can save you and your customers time

The Cronofy Mission

Reduce the time you spend building calendar connectivity into your software with our scheduling and integration tools. Using our Calendar API, you can connect your software to your users' calendars safely and securely. We also look after all the ongoing maintenance, meaning you have more time to create great features for your users.

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“Our new calendar sync functionality has made me super giddy! It's so easy to authorize and get up and running!”

— Leah Hutcheon, CEO, Appointedd

Discover the possibilities

What will you create using calendar sync?

Bookings and Cancellations

Allow customers to book and cancel services based on real-time availability.

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Appointment Reminders

Send reminders via users' calendars – a cheaper alternative to text messages.

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Holiday Rental Software

Make it a seamless process for users to book their vacation.

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Equipment Rental

Set up calendars for equipment and allow users to reserve it based on its availability.

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Hair Appointments

Allow customers to book their next haircut in a matter of minutes.

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“The response from the Cronofy team right from the start of the integration process gave us a big confidence boost in approving and implementing the connection. Adam and his team are always at hand to answer any question one might pose.”

— Tapan Karambelkar, Product Manager, Resbook

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