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HR systems today need to have the employee front and center and must require minimal training. Leveraging chat systems and native interfaces like calendars provide people with natural user experiences that just work wherever they are.

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Booking meeting rooms is hard

Organizing team meetings sounds like an easy thing to do, but when you factor in everyone’s busy schedules, potential absences and finding a suitable meeting room – such as one with a whiteboard and projector – it’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s even worse when the need for a last-minute meeting crops up and all the rooms are already booked.

Every organization has a limited number of meeting rooms. Searching through the schedules of each to find one that can be used when the attendees are free means that employees’ valuable time is wasted on what could be a simple task. What should be a simple task.

Cronofy makes it easy

When Cronofy is connected to an organization’s calendar domain, the calendars of every room can be connected and visible from the meeting room booking software. It’s as simple as creating a calendar for each room.

When the team are also calendar connected, Cronofy’s Availability API works out a suitable time where both the meeting’s attendees and the right meeting room are free. The only thing the meeting organizer has to do is choose from the list of time slots available.

If the meeting needs to be rescheduled because someone is no longer available, the Availability API can suggest new days and times that fit the requirements. These changes are then automatically pushed to the calendars of everyone involved.

Automate appraisal organization

Is there any time busier than appraisal season? Line managers need to meet with each member of their team, but when it’s a large team, it can be difficult to coordinate. Especially as all the other teams in the organization are going through the same process and trying to find available time slots and rooms.

The beauty of using Cronofy to build calendar sync into your booking software is that it doesn’t matter how big or small your team is. Not only can you see when people are free to meet, but it can even be set up to automate appraisal booking. That means that one of the most complicated, time-consuming HR tasks can be waved goodbye to forever.

The appraisal is automatically added to the calendars of line managers and employees. The only thing left to sort is the meeting itself.

Empower interview candidates

Candidate experience is important. It not only helps to retain employees, but can even turn unsuccessful candidates into brand advocates.

One of the ways you can create a positive candidate experience is by giving them the power to choose their own interview slot.

When integrated into an interview scheduling software, Cronofy allows for an email to be generated that offers candidates a list of times when the interview panel is free and when there is a meeting room available. The candidate picks the one that’s most suited to them, then the interview is automatically added to the interview panel’s calendar.

Candidates are then given the option to add the interview to their calendar, too. It doesn’t matter if they use a different calendar service to the company they’re interviewing with, either – Cronofy works with all the major calendar services.

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