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Calendar sync for healthcare

It’s estimated that as many as 30% of doctor’s appointments are missed each year in the US, costing a massive $150 billion. Other countries are also concerned. 8 million missed appointments cost the UK’s NHS £1 billion a year.

Just think how much more could be done in the healthcare industry if that money could be used to treat patients and offer a better service.

Using a calendar synced patient scheduling service saves doctors hours every week.

Improve the patient experience

Routine appointments are often made weeks – possibly even months – in advance. Given how much can change in just a few days, let alone weeks or months, it’s unsurprising things get forgotten. When you have a busy home and work life, self-care often ends up at the bottom of the list.

Missing appointments makes it harder for those that need more immediate care to get seen, and costs healthcare providers hundreds of dollars for every appointment that’s missed. It also means that doctors or nurses don’t use their time as effectively as they could.

Does your patient administration software send reminders to ensure patients attend their appointments?

Real time booking is at the heart of what we do at Zesty. Cronofy has allowed us to deliver that rapidly and reliably.

Lloyd Price
COO - Zesty

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Reduce the hassle

Sending appointment reminders to patients is one of the most effective ways to prevent missed appointments. These can reduce missed appointments by as much as 30%. This could, in turn, pay for thousands of medical procedures.

It’s already common for health services to send text reminders. But with shrinking budgets and the popularity of smartphones, sending free calendar push notifications can be a cheaper alternative or assistant to text message reminders.

Help to reduce the $1.5billion that's lost to missed appointments in the US every year - add appointment reminders to your patient scheduling service.

The Cronofy Calendar API allows you to connect the calendars of healthcare professionals and practices with your booking software. Appointments can then be booked based on the real-time availability of calendars.

Once a patient books an appointment – either on the phone or online – a calendar invite is sent to them. Several reminders can be sent as the appointment draws closer, such as a week or a day before.

Sending reminders keeps the appointment at the forefront of the patient’s mind, helping them to make an informed decision about how to use their time.

Should they no longer need their appointment or find they can’t make it, they’re more likely to cancel it because of the reminder. Appointments are then free for someone who does need it, ensuring healthcare professionals’ time is used as efficiently as possible.

Send medical appointment reminders to patients via their calendar. Reopen appointments that are no longer needed automatically. Save time and money with calendar sync.

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