Managing Staff Training

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Automate training schedules

As businesses grow, training sessions are critical to share the company culture, help employees to develop their skills, improve their product knowledge, and reach their personal development objectives. But finding the best time to get a large number of busy people in a room together – along with someone to train them – is difficult.

Building calendar integration into your training booking system allows you to connect to the calendars of staff, trainers and coaches, and offering the opportunity automate the whole process.

Access availability in real-time

Our Availability API syncs with your booking system so that you can see the times when all required participants are free. It’s then easy to ensure that the training session doesn’t conflict with team meetings or absences.

Staff availability is updated in real-time. If an unexpected event gets in the way of your planned session your system is notified and can propose the next time slot when all attendees are available. Changes are instantly reflected in all calendars.

Personio is building an innovative HR management and recruiting solution for HR departments, managers and employees. Real-time calendar sync is crucial to ensuring it fits seamlessly into both their working and personal lives.

Hanno Renner
Co-founder & CEO - Personio

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Everything (and everywhere) you need

Using Cronofy Enterprise Connect you can authorize access to the calendars of an entire organization.

When used with our Availability API, the availability of everyone in an organization is accessible. You can seamlessly book meetings between anyone in the organization, and even access the calendars of bookable resources such as meeting rooms, projectors, screens or parking spaces.

Connect to external calendars

Bringing in external speakers can make a huge difference to your training course. Using Cronofy it’s possible to connect to the calendars of external coaches and mentors. A training session can then be booked automatically, no matter what calendar service they use. It just works.

If a trainer can no longer attend the training session, they can cancel or reschedule it from within their own calendar and Cronofy will notify your booking system.

Cronofy took something that looked incredibly daunting and made it easy. We were looking at writing custom integrations for a few calendar services, but by using Cronofy we were able to connect to several in far less time. They have libraries for many commonly used languages which saved us from writing any of the boilerplate networking code, and their notification channels mean we get updates as they happen rather than needing to poll for changes.

Greg Woods
Lead Developer - Iris Works

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Speed up training scheduling

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