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Candidates can self-schedule their interviews using Real-Time Scheduling.

All recruitment coordinators need to do is fill in the details of the interview into the Real-Time Scheduling interface. They can then generate a booking link. Once that booking link has been sent to candidates, their work is done.

The booking link factors in the real-time availability of the interview panel and a suitable meeting room, ensuring that no other meetings can be scheduled for the same time.

Self-scheduling for sequenced interviews

Self-scheduling links can even be generated for sequenced interviews. These complicated, multi-part interviews often take weeks of work to coordinate the schedules of everyone involved. Using Real-Time Scheduling, it doesn’t have to.

Once the recruitment coordinator has added the order of events to Real-Time Scheduling and sent the booking link to candidates, Cronofy works out the rest.

The Applicant Manager

Capacity booking for interview venues

If a venue has a limited capacity, days and times can even be closed when the maximum number of participants have chosen that time slot.

Should someone cancel or reschedule, the slot will immediately reopen for someone else to choose.

Trackable calendar events

Once a candidate has chosen their time, they can be sent a Smart Invite. These are one-off, trackable calendar invites that help to prevent candidate no-shows and double bookings.

To the recipient, they look the same. The key difference is that your software can see if it’s been accepted or declined, allowing the recruitment coordinator to decide what to do next.

Add self-scheduling to your software

Cronofy works with multiple calendar services so that you don’t have to.

Instead of taking the time to build individual calendar integrations, you work with just one API.

You don’t even need to worry about ongoing maintenance. We’ll handle all that so that you can focus on what really matters: building better software for your users.

Self-scheduling links for every interview scenario

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