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From camera equipment to record a big day, to a DJ deck for a party, to a digger for a building site, sometimes it makes more financial sense for customers to rent items instead of purchasing them.

This is great for businesses that want to lend out these products, but it can be difficult for companies with a large inventory to keep track of where everything is 24/7.

Rental equipment software can help to keep inventory organized, but when that software is calendar connected, it can save both companies and customers time and money.

Prevent duplicate reservations

When equipment rental software is calendar connected, customers can see if a product they need is in stock in real-time and reserve it online.

They can then choose how long they need the item for. The item’s calendar is then updated straight away so there’s no risk of two customers reserving the same item.

Equipment rental software is even better when it takes advantage of calendar integration.

Make changes in real-time

Should a customer need to cancel their reservation, software can be set up so that they can alter or delete it from their calendar service. The product will then become available straight away for someone else to reserve. This reduces the margin of manual error and means that there’s less chance of loss of business.

Alternatively, if a customer needs the item for a little while longer, the software can be set up so that customers can extend how long they need the equipment for from their calendar service of choice.

Give staff more time with customers

Automating tasks such as inventory management means that staff have more time to spend dealing with customers and fixing any repairs.

This creates a better customer experience and means customers are more likely to come back time and time again.

Add calendar sync to your equipment rental software with the help of Cronofy.

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