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Streamline employee onboarding for managers and their new team members

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Help employees to reach full productivity faster

20% of employee churn happens within the first 45 days. Many of this 20% leave because they go through a poor or non-existent onboarding process.

A better onboarding process means employees are more likely to stay, and they’ll reach full productivity faster.

With it taking an average of 8-12 months for employees to reach full productivity, the more businesses do to shrink this time, the sooner their new hires can bring in revenue.

You can help employees to reach their onboarding milestones faster by adding calendar sync to your software.

Invite new hires to meetings…before they’ve even started

Line managers can add new hires to recurring meetings before they’ve even started when company calendar domains sync automatically to your software.

Once the new employee’s account is created, their future manager can set up onboarding meetings with the rest of the team. They can also see new employees’ schedules at a glance, allowing them to organize meetings around other onboarding milestones.

Any employee can schedule meetings in seconds using Enterprise Connect. There’s no need for employees to manually authorize calendar connectivity – IT or data security teams control who’s calendar synced and when. It’s a seamless process for everyone involved.

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Provide schedules at a glance

New hires can see what’s on their schedule for the day with Agenda Viewer. They don’t have to check their calendar, emails, or anywhere else. There’s no flitting between apps, trying to remember what’s stored where. Everything they need is in one place.

The Agenda Viewer is a UI Element that you can plug in to your software wherever you want. You can even customize it to match your branding.

Streamline meeting organization

New team members may want to organize meetings with coworkers to find out about how things work. Give them the ability to do this quickly with the Availability Viewer. They can see when a colleague is free in a calendar view, helping them to pick a slot that works for both of them.

If more people need to attend, our Availability API can suggest the best day and time for everyone. If meeting rooms have calendars, our Availability API can even factor in their availability when suggesting times. That way, a meeting doesn’t get scheduled unless there’s a room that’s free to use.

Cronofy’s documentation, sample apps and support is excellent and has enabled a fast and painless calendar integration. Not having to integrate with different calendar providers and having almost no maintenance to speak of has allowed us to focus on delivering scheduling solutions based on the real-time availability of our users quickly.

David Wennergren
CTO - TeamTailor

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