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The API was brilliant to work with.

Greg Dickson
Developer - Appointedd

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Give calendar integration to your employees

Most companies use a HR software to manage staff inductions, one-to-ones and training, but scheduling is still a huge challenge.

Cronofy’s Calendar API allows you to automatically organize meetings for when everyone you need is available. It also works with all the main calendar services including Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange and You won’t need to build and maintain connections with several APIs.

Access thousands of calendars in one go

For a company with thousands of employees, authorizing each calendar individually is time-consuming.

Our Enterprise Connect feature allowing you to seamlessly integrate with the calendars of an entire organization. Any new recruits are automatically calendar connected.

Cronofy enables our clients to seamlessly add tasks to their calendars, improving efficiencies and avoiding any double-handling.

Jez Louise
Support Manager, JobAdder -

Explore our customer stories

Don’t compromise on privacy

Calendars can contain sensitive information, such as medical appointments or confidential meetings.

Our Calendar API allows you to customize what sensitive calendar data is shared. If you only need to know when a user is free or busy, that’s all you’ll see. Details of appointments remain private.

Make scheduling easier for everyone

Scheduling is a challenge faced by all your clients. Coordinating people for interview panels, training sessions or appraisals takes up time that could be better spent elsewhere.

When your users need to meet, you can use our Availability API to provide them with times when everyone is available. What’s more, we’ll notify you if any of the attendees change their plans.

Building great scheduling features has never been more straightforward

With Cronofy you can get entire organizations calendar connected at once. Contact us for more information.

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