Education Use Cases for Calendar Sync

Discover some of the ways calendar sync can save you and your customers time

The Cronofy Mission

Reduce the time you spend building calendar connectivity into your software with our scheduling and integration tools. Using our Calendar API, you can connect your software to your users' calendars safely and securely. We also look after all the ongoing maintenance, meaning you have more time to create great features for your users.

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“This feature has reduced the administrative burden of scheduling appointments for our career services partners, allowing them to spend more valuable time with students.”

— Jade Pathe, Product Manager, Handshake

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Give students an edge before they enter the working world.

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Campus Visits

Welcome potential students with a simplified booking process.

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Admissions Interviews

Make scheduling admissions interviews a faster process for everyone.

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Parents' Evening

Book and reschedule parents' evening appointments.

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Timetable Management

Make it easier for students and professors to manage their timetables.

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Career Centers

Make it easier for students to book appointments with careers advisors.

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“With Cronofy, we achieved the calendar integrations we thought would take months in just a few days.”

— Reilly Davis, Co-Founder and CTO, PeopleGrove

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