Calendar sync for court management software

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Prevent court no-shows

No-shows to court appearances cost the taxpayer thousands every year. This is money that could be invested in the legal system itself, but instead gets wasted.

No-shows don’t always happen because someone doesn’t want to show up, either – sometimes people forget, other times they don’t receive the information because it’s sent to the wrong address.

Send clients calendar reminders with Smart Invites. These are cheaper to send than traditional communications. They’re also on a device that people use every day: their mobiles.

This gives courts an easy way to inform people of any changes to their court date. Courts can also include other information such as the address, what room to go to on arrival, and how long it will take to get there.

Smart Invites don’t require a calendar connection to work, meaning that anyone with an online calendar can take advantage of them.

Reduce court no-shows with calendar reminders

Access users’ free/busy calendar data

Your software can read and write information to users’ schedules with two-way calendar sync. All the scheduling information they need for the day ahead can be accessed from your court management software, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

You can choose whether you get access to all their calendar data, or only their free/busy information. This adds an extra layer of privacy for your users and an extra layer of security for you.

Visit our security and performance policies to find out more.

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Meeting scheduling in seconds

Your customers get even more calendar sync benefits with Enterprise Connect. Using this, everyone within the court’s calendar system is automatically connected to your software. This includes calendars that are set up for rooms and resources.

When courts have calendar sync, employees can schedule meetings in seconds. This gives them more time to ensure everything is running smoothly elsewhere.

Simplify meeting room bookings with calendar sync

Create calendars for rooms and resources

You can set up calendars for rooms and resources with Cronofy. This means that the schedules of rooms can be managed efficiently and in real time. If any changes occur, these will instantly be reflected in that room’s schedule.

If a meeting is canceled, that slot in the room’s schedule re-opens right away for other employees to book.

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Show availability as a calendar view

Colleagues can schedule meetings with each other based on someone’s current schedule with Availability Viewer. Judges can also block out times that they want to remain free, such as for their lunchtime or for personal appointments.

It’s an easy user interface that you can add to your software and that provides a more seamless experience for users.

Present a view of the day’s schedule

The Agenda Viewer shows users what’s coming up on their schedule for the day. They can see everything they need within your software, saving them time and providing them with a more user-friendly way to manage their day.

They don’t need to memorize anything or duplicate information; anything added to their calendar syncs to your software and shows up in the agenda for that day.

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One of UpCounsel’s main value propositions is connecting customers with highly qualified attorneys quickly and effortlessly. With Cronofy, our users can schedule calls with lawyers within minutes. Our lawyers also love it because they spend less time coordinating calls and instead can focus on helping their clients.

Jaya Pareek
Product Manager - UpCounsel

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