Stephen Binns

Senior Developer

Stephen Binns

‘Grey’ cloud developer with experience of continuously improving platforms, including the the UK’s largest peer-to-peer lending plaform.

Record hoarder, pessimist, and father.

Jeremy Bourhis


Jeremy Bourhis

Interested in all things digital marketing, from PPC and website optimization to e-communications and content marketing strategies.

Gaming, reading, writing, traveling.

Tom Hazledine

Senior Frontend Developer

Data-visualization tinkerer and podcast enthusiast.

UI and UX expert, who enjoys hand-coding SVGs and making illustrations in CSS.

Mirabela Palade

Marketing Executive

In love with all things digital marketing.

Other interests includes staring at the skies, having a love/hate relationship with her Spotify discover weekly, cuddling with her two little nephews, and eating bad food.

Kristina Proffitt

Content Marketer

Author, poet, blogger, copywriter, reader, baker.

When she's not curled up with a cup of coffee and good book, you can find her experimenting with the latest content marketing strategies.

Catherine Russell

Finance Lead

Excel fanatic and international SaaS finance guru.

Lover of fine cuisine (French), wine (French), countryside (French).

Garry Shutler


Garry Shutler, CTO Cronofy

'Mildly' opinionated developer with experience of stabilizing, securing, scaling, and enhancing enterprise platforms. Previously Lead Engineer at Zopa.

Husband, father, and cyclist. Proponent of the Oxford comma.

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