Send simple links for smarter interview scheduling

Recruiting is about relationships, not wrestling with calendars. With our powerful scheduling software, you can wave goodbye to double bookings and scheduling conflicts, and say hello to smoother scheduling that interviewers and candidates love.

Schedule interviews without leaving your ATS

Faster time to hire
300 hrs
Saved per recruiter per year
Faster interview scheduling

Auto-sync availability for 1:1 interviews or multi-person panels

We sync available slots from connected calendars and support combined availability from multiple interviewers. Candidates just pick a slot. No account creation required. Need to reschedule? It’s as simple as one click.

Send scheduling links from your ATS with just a couple of taps

Our ATS integrations and browser extension make it really easy to share scheduling links with candidates. Combine them with our scheduling templates to quickly create bespoke links for your most common interview formats.

Enterprise Connect

Set up zero-touch enrollment for hassle free interviewer onboarding

With zero-touch enrollment, your IT team can auto enroll any number of accounts from your Google or Microsoft directory without requiring interviewers to lift a finger. Our admin permissions also allow you to set preferences like working hours on your interviewers behalf.

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Reserved Slots

Book over reserved times in an interviewer's calendar

Getting interviewers to maintain good calendar hygiene can be tricky. So our reserved slots feature allows you to schedule interviews during periods they reserve for you.

Privacy & Security

Independently certified for security & HIPAA compliant

We built Cronofy with security in mind. Science, medical and legal teams schedule with Cronofy’s privacy-first technology. Users even have the power to choose where their data is hosted with our international data centers.

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Can interviews be rescheduled?

Yes. Both candidates and interviewers can reschedule an interview by tapping the "reschedule" link in their calendar invite. Coordinators can also reschedule events by going to their scheduler dashboard.

Can I mark events as private?

Yes. You can set individual events as private or enforce private events at an organization level. Ideal for situations where privacy and data control is paramount.

Can you support organizations with multiple domains?

Yes. You can invite anyone to join you on Cronofy. Our domain sign-up controls allow you to restrict access to specific email domains. You can also use Enterprise Connect to automatically sync accounts from your domains.

Can you schedule multiple interviews at once?

Yes. You can schedule a sequence of events with one booking link. It's perfect for latter stages where candidates may have multiple interviews with different stakeholders.

Can you limit the number of interviews per interviewer?

Yes. You can create selection rules to limit the number of interviews each interviewer is assigned. You can also set buffer times before and after to allow interviewers time to prepare and capture feedback afterwards.