Scheduling meetings for Financial Advisors can be faster, simpler and more personalised

For financial advisors making a great first impression is key to building relationships and developing trust with prospects and clients. Complicated and slow scheduling gets in the way and can feel frustrating.

We built the Cronofy Scheduler to solve these issues! Make a great impression and give your contacts a hassle-free scheduling experience when they book meetings with you. Focus on what matters and save everyone's time, without the back-and-forth.

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Stay ahead by offering first-class scheduling

Read our report for observations and advice on how financial advisors can make the best first impressions.

of financial advisors aren't offering specific times when scheduling a new client meeting
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of financial advisors only supply an email and phone number to new clients
of financial advisors never responded to a new client enquiry

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Scheduling made easy for Financial Services

Benefits of using the Scheduler

We believe that scheduling meetings with clients should be seamless.

Great scheduling experience
Your contacts don't need to fill out details. Send them scheduling links already personalized! Great experience - and it saves time!
Adapt to new business world
Get a headstart on the competition by offering online meetings, as an alternative to face-to-face or phone calls - based on real-time availability.
Build strong relationships
Great relationships are founded on trust. Hassle-free scheduling makes a great impression laying the foundations for a strong relationship.
Don't expose your calendar
Contacts can only use the scheduling link once, so you only commit to one meeting and your calendar stays protected.
Speed up time-to-meet
Don’t make prospects wait for a meeting time. No back-and-forth, no delay, no hassle. Potential clients stay engaged and don’t go to competition.
Schedule everywhere
Schedule from your email and favorite applications with our free Chome browser extension and Add-ins.
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Install our browser extension for faster scheduling

With our free browser extension for Chrome you can enjoy the power of personalized meeting scheduling from the applications and tools you use everyday like Gmail. You can use it to create meeting links without having to switch tabs, the Scheduler will automatically fill out your client or prospect's details for you.

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Scheduling built for a remote world

There is huge scope within the financial sector to enhance client experience through digital tools. When it comes to technological progress financial advice can sometimes seem like an industry locked into the past.

With the changing landscape there's pressure on financial advisors to diversify and target people of all ages. It's important not to wholly rely on face-to-face and offer more modern ways for clients to interact with their advisors. With the Scheduler you can embed video conferencing links in all the invites you share. And you only offer times when you are free. No one is wasting their time and the setup time is greatly reduced.

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How it works

Sign up for the Scheduler by connecting your calendar in two clicks. Use the Scheduler with our Chrome Extension and Add-ins for maximum efficiency when scheduling interviews

What you see

Compose the email inviting your client or prospect to schedule a meeting with you. Then use the embedded Scheduler button from your Outlook or Gmail compose window to setup a meeting request link.

Include the availability of any additional people from your Connected Contacts for the meeting. Verify the interview details and add video conferencing details or location as desired.

Generate the link and it will be automatically added to the email message.

What your contacts see

Contacts can choose a day and time that suits them and your other required attendees, from the times you have offered. It just takes two simple clicks!

Once the meeting slot has been selected by the contact, it will be added to everyone's calendar automatically and you'll receive a confirmation email.

Popular use cases

Great ways the Scheduler helps you build stronger relationships.

Prospect/Client and Financial Advisor

Personal assistant scheduling on behalf of Financial Advisor (coming soon)

Multiple attendee scheduling (video conferencing)

Your privacy is paramount

Privacy and data security are always a consideration in business, but in financial services because of the sensitive nature of the data we understand it is a primary concern. When you share availability it's only for a fixed period so you're in control. It's also only ever your free/busy slots and not the details of your events. Your availability is private and you don't need to share availability permanently with your clients and prospects even if you might want to give them a way to contact you at short notice.

Instead you share for a fixed period (up to one year) or you can just share for the purpose of booking a meeting. We make it easy to prolong the sharing if you wish but this decision should be made by you or your organization. We operate a robust security and compliance program, adhering to the highest level of information security standards.

ISO27001 certified

ISO27018 certified

ISO27701 certified

SOC 2 attested

GDPR compliant

CCPA compliant

HIPAA compliant

It's time to leave those scheduling headaches behind

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