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About this position

About us

Hi, I’m Garry Shutler, CTO and co-founder of Cronofy.

I’m looking for Software Engineers to join our engineering team for a ​salary of £45,000 - £60,000 per annum.

Cronofy's mission is to Schedule Everything For Everyone. Over the past 7 years we’ve grown a self-sustaining, profitable business on our enterprise-ready Scheduling API.

We’re now building a direct-to-user offering in the form of our Scheduler so we can improve the scheduling workflows of even more people.

The Role

We’ve done the hard work of synchronising with all the major calendar services and pushing that data into our Availability Engine. We’re now doing the really hard work of making that power accessible to everyone, not just developers, in a way that respects their privacy.

Building such a product requires a different set of skills to building an API, and so we’re looking to expand our team. The ideal person loves to work where the ones and zeroes turn into fonts and shapes, but I want to talk to anyone who isn’t allergic to writing Javascript.

We are looking for people who can, or aspire to, shepherd features from idea through to real-world usage, the experience to make the hundred small decisions along the way that requires, and the humility to ask for feedback at the right times.

As a leader, I strive to enable people to look to me for guidance when needed, not permission, and to give you the resources to be self-sufficient and fulfill your potential. As a team we aim to work together to produce ideas and products greater than those we could alone.

Team testimonials

About you

Practices such as pairing are neither mandated nor discouraged. We trust you to know how you work best, we only ask that you keep the team informed of your progress and ask for help when needed.

We're strong on compliance but this doesn't mean you have to deal with an arduous development process. Github PRs require the automated test suite to pass (which you will likely have added to), and approval by a peer, before they can be merged. From there, the build and deployment process is automated.

This all generates the audit trail necessary to show we follow our change management process.

Like all of our processes, they are lightweight, fit-for-purpose, and open to change when we find them lacking.

We pride ourselves on happy customers, so part of your responsibilities are fixing bugs, sharing the technical support, and improving our documentation to reduce the amount of direct support we need to provide.

Your capabilities

Our stack:
Terraform, AWS, Postgres, Redis, Kubernetes, Ruby on Rails, React, SASS form the core of our stack.

We also have Go in our toolset for situations where performance is paramount.

Familiarity with any of these is a benefit, none of them are essential as you’ll be smart enough to learn what’s necessary with our help.

How we work

Remote-first as an engineering team before the pandemic, we’re currently fully remote. We're starting to, carefully, resume meetings in person as the value of real-world interaction is high. Our team currently covers the Midlands, South of England, and Spain. We have recently launched an office in Amsterdam.

Meetups will happen in London where we have an office in a shared space, or Nottingham where our dedicated company HQ is.

As a team we have a daily sit-down, and weekly planning/review meetings. As a company we have a weekly all-hands call to share our work, successes, and challenges,. We use our principles to guide our behaviour.

Team meetups are likely to be monthly once they can happen again, all travel and accommodation necessary are covered by the company through your own prepaid card.

In 2019 we held a company retreat, that was not possible in 2020 but it is something we would like to do at least annually.

Hiring Process

The goal is to discover what you will bring to Cronofy and what Cronofy will bring to you. It's as important for you to determine whether this is the right move for your career as much as anything else, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

Initial call
During a 30 minute video call we’ll get to know each other a little. I’ll look to find out what you’re looking for in your next role as part of your career progression, your approach to growing software in a holistic sense, and the kind of support you need to do your best work.

You’ll have chance to ask any questions you may have about the role, the team, or the company. Please feel free to ask absolutely anything, in the worst case I won’t be able to answer specifically due to confidentiality or similar, but I’ll at least be able to give a holistic answer.

Coding exercise and discussion
All being well, I’ll ask you to do a coding exercise which shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes. It’s not about building a complete product, as much as a conversation starter for a second 30 minute call together where we’ll get a bit more technical.

Link shortener coding exercise

Meet the team
From there, you’ll be invited to talk to other people from the team, similarly video calls of 15-30 minutes. These are as much for you to get a feel for the team, as for the team to provide feedback about you. I’d like you to speak to at least two people, but you can speak to as many as you need to feel comfortable that it’s a team you want to join. Like all stages this is a two-way conversation so you are free to interview them too.

Final stage
Usually at this point we would spend a morning or afternoon together, in current circumstances that’s not possible. Instead, we’d look to schedule a call split into three main sections, with breaks in between, along with Adam Bird, our CEO and co-founder. Those sections are:

  • Work history - this helps us better understand your professional background
  • A “whiteboard discussion” - this gives us another example of how well you communicate - in-person this was you describing how a system you were familiar with worked, in a remote environment that might be a prepared presentation or image(s) shared before the call, whatever you are comfortable with
  • Culture fit - this helps us understand what you would bring to Cronofy and what Cronofy would bring to you, and see if those are aligned to each of our desires

For successful candidates, we will extend an offer conditional on reference and background checks.

At some point throughout this process, if possible, I would like to meet you in a suitably physically-distanced manner to make at least part of this process 3D.

What we offer

  • £45k-£60k dependant on experience.
  • Pension scheme
  • 25 days holiday in addition to national holidays. National holidays are added to your holiday allowance and you're not required to take them on the corresponding day.
  • Training and personal development days.
  • A principles driven culture.
  • Supportive colleagues who enjoy spending time together.
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