Intelligent Interview Sequencing

Seamless scheduling for complex interview workflows

Schedule interview sequences

Finding a time slot that works for candidates and members of an interview panel can be difficult. The more people that are involved, the more moving parts there are to consider when scheduling interviews.

Businesses can use Cronofy's Real-Time Scheduling feature to meet this challenge.

But what happens when an interview process requires candidates to attend several interviews with different people on the same day?

This is an increasingly common requirement for companies trying to optimize the time they spend interviewing candidates. Cronofy's Intelligent Interview Sequencing allows hiring managers to generate automated schedules for candidates based on both the sequence of interviews they need and the real-time availability of interviewers.

Create your rules, we find the times

Let's take the example of a typical interview day for a candidate. It involves a 30-minute introduction with a HR manager, two one-hour interviews with members of the hiring team, and a 20-minute wrap up.

In order to work, the interview scheduling tool has to know when each person involved is going to be available and when their common availabilities can make the interview possible. Now multiply that by dozens of candidates. Fitting interview times within that structure can be a nightmare.

With Intelligent Interview Sequencing, businesses can define their rules and use Cronofy's Intelligent Interview Sequencing feature to dynamically create interview schedules.

Improve your interview processes

Intelligent Interview Sequencing is designed to be embedded directly into applicant tracking systems and recruitment software to empower both hiring managers and candidates.

Recruiters save hours of coordination and back-and-forth communications by automating complex interview scheduling processes. The candidate experience is dramatically improved as candidates can self-book their interview times based on everyone's availability within the interview structure.

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