Schedule at scale in BambooHR

Leverage Cronofy's time-saving interview scheduling features directly from BambooHR. Schedule panel, group, and sequenced interviews 12x faster.
Save 1 day on admin tasks every week
Schedule interviews 12x faster
Save up to 300 hours per year

While BambooHR is a powerful recruiting and HR platform, there are some use cases that the platform doesn't cover. With Cronofy's integration, you can automate multi-person, sequenced interview scheduling without the complexity of multiple calendars.

Automatically update BambooHR with any changes to a candidate's interview status with Cronofy's custom workflows. Keep track of everything in one place for a streamlined hiring process.

Want to save 300 hours a year per recruiter? Get in touch to find out how bring to Cronofy’s interview scheduling features to SmartRecruiters!

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