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Cronofy works with over 70 world-leading Applicant Tracking Systems and hundreds of Recruitment industry names, creating interview scheduling automation that streamlines the hiring process for thousands of Recruiters worldwide.

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Are you a Product Manager?

No need to build complex interview scheduling functionalities yourself – save your team time and choose from our range of scheduling APIs to supercharge your hiring software.


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Are you a HR professional?

Our Scheduler automates interview scheduling and works with all calendar providers to save your HR team time and speed up time-to-hire while improving the candidate experience.


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Are you a Recruiter?

Our interview scheduling integrations fit seamlessly into your existing ATS and moves the candidate automatically through the hiring process, saving you time and effort.

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Automate your users' interview scheduling

Automated interview scheduling enhances the capabilities of your digital recruitment products and platforms. Our range of scheduling APIs supercharge your existing tools, delivering a truly automated experience for recruiting teams. They now have more time to focus on high-value tasks like relationship-building, and are able to speed up time-to-hire by 59%.

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Cronofy integrates with your existing ATS

Cronofy has the power to enhance the existing interview scheduling capabilities within your ATS. By integrating with Cronofy, you can automate more complex interview scheduling use cases like panel interviews, sequences, and toggle pools of panelists. Cronofy allows you to schedule interviews based on the real-time availability of multiple participants, and setup only takes a few clicks. Recruiters save time, and back-and-forth is eliminated to improve candidate experience.

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Save time on low-value HR admin

Recruitment teams shouldn't be wasting their time on low-value tasks like interview scheduling. The back-and-forth exchange between recruiter and candidate trying to find a convenient time for everyone is frustrating for both parties. Panel and sequenced interviews make the process even more complicated. Automated interview scheduling eliminates the scheduling headache and frees up 284 hours a year per recruiter.

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Hear from your peers

By adding scheduling and reminders we improved the conversion rate from 30% to 75% attendance. This made a substantial impact on reducing their hiring speed and cost-per-hire.
Drew Austin
CEO & Founder, Wade & Wendy
Previously, finding interview slots was like a game of sudoku with the calendars of interviewers, applicants and rooms. I often had to write down on paper when people and rooms were available. Thanks to Cronofy, I can now see all the information I need at a glance.
Martina Ruiß
Talent Acquisition Director , Personio
The addition of Cronofy to our suite of products has allowed our clients to seamlessly add tasks, reminders and interviews to their external calendars.
Jez Louise
Head of Support, Jobadder
The recruitment industry contracted by 17% during the pandemic, but The Judge Group is going from strength to strength - Cronofy’s automated scheduling has played a big part in us maintaining efficiency and momentum.
Ken Krieger
CIO & Executive Vice President, The Judge Group

Win the war for talent

62% of our Candidate Expectations Report respondents had left the recruitment process due to interview scheduling delays. It’s crucial to have a smooth and efficient hiring experience to keep the best candidates engaged.

In such a competitive hiring landscape, frustrated candidates can easily find the recruitment experience they want from another hiring team, meaning your business loses out. Our automation empowers you to schedule interviews 95% faster, so you can beat the competition and win top talent.

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