Scheduling interviews doesn't have to be this hard

Everyone saves time by integrating Cronofy into the hiring scheduling process. Hiring managers can share their availability with recruiters and, candidates can book interviews for their preferred time slot.

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The Applicant Manager

Interview scheduling made easy

With Cronofy, recruiters and hiring managers can connect their calendars to their hiring software. The whole interview process can be scheduled in a few clicks as there is no need to switch between multiple interviews to see who is free or to check meeting rooms.

Reduce interview scheduling time by up to 95% with real-time scheduling technology.

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No matter the interview type, it just works

Different companies have different hiring processes and some roles will require several interviews before an offer can be made. With Cronofy, recruiters hiring managers and candidates don’t have to spend hours answering email chains or phone calls to schedule interviews.

  • Video and phone interviews
  • Panel interviews
  • Assessment days
  • Multi-stage interviews
One on one meeting

Put the candidate in control

The interview process is a stressful experience for candidates. Scheduling the interview itself can be as well when they are asked to pick-up the phone during work hours. Cronofy’s real-time scheduling technology removes this pain point entirely.

Recruiters can share their – or the interview panels – availability with the candidate via email. The candidate can then access a slot picker interface and book their interview in their own time. The scheduling link will always be up-to-date to prevent risks of double bookings.

Save time on development too

We have built the technology to make real-time scheduling possible so you don’t have to. Cronofy’s Calendar and Scheduling APIs work with all 5 major calendar providers. Your developers only have to build 1 integration instead of 5. We also make sure the connections with the calendar services always work.

UI Elements can save you front-end development time. These are JavaScript components that can be embedded in your website or application.

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