We know it can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming to get started with a new tool. That's why we will provide you with clear steps along the way to get you set up and started. 🔥

On this page you can find the different steps to successfully launch the new way of scheduling in your organisation. When you're ready, let's get started!

In order to get started with scheduling, your IT team will need to enable the connection to Cronofy. There are three elements:

  1. connecting to your calendars,
  2. connecting the right users, and
  3. connecting to your tools such as your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Once your IT team has connected your organization to Cronofy we'll guide you on how to use the product to suit your scheduling needs.

One component covers how to work optimally with availabilities, and the other component dives into using the product to match your scheduling needs.

After this you should have a clear view of how our scheduling capabilities will help you in your daily scheduling needs.

To drive adoption, we advise that you do a proper launch in your organization, so everyone is aware of the new way of scheduling and how it will benefit them.

We will provide you with steps and materials that you can use to get those that will do the scheduling, as well those that will be scheduled for, on board!