Scheduling preferences

The preferences you set in your account will be the default when you send interview invites. However, you can always override them when creating a new interview request link.


I would like to offer any free slots during my working hours to candidates

You can set a schedule when you would like Cronofy to offer availability to your candidates.

You don't need to change anything as Cronofy will consider any blocked events in your calendar (e.g. lunch breaks, recurring internal meetings etc) and only share slots that are free in real-time.

Your Working hours will be defaulted to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. when signing up.

I work with specific blocks allocated for interviews

In case you work with allocated blocks to accommodate interviews, you can drag and drop the times to only include these, so that Cronofy won't offer any slots outside of these blocks.

For example, you may agree to conduct interviews only on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. In this case, you could set up your Working Hours like below.

Other settings

Duration - We advise to adjust this to the duration of your most common interview.

Scheduling period - For screening interviews we recommend 3 or 7 days to speak to candidates faster. For interviews such as panel interviews that require more preparation we recommend 14 days.

Buffers - If you want to provide maximum availability to candidates it is best to keep your buffers at '0'. When you create a 10 min buffer and you have a meeting from 10am - 11am the next possible slot for the candidate will be 12pm.