The most value you can get out of Cronofy will be in setting up more complex meeting scenarios. You can do this via selection rules and meeting templates.

I would like to:

Selection rules

A selection rule is a pool of one or more people that can conduct the meeting. It is where you create the criteria of who needs to be in a specific meeting.

These selection rules can be used on their own for scheduling by changing the host when you create a new request and adding the rule as a host. Or you can use (and combine different ones) into a meeting template.

A meeting template

A meeting template is where you combine the selection rule(s) with the meeting details.

Creating a template is recommended when you have:

  1. Different criteria for people that need to be part of the meeting. For example you may have a selection rule of 2 team leads where 1 is needed for the meeting in combination with a selection rule of 5 team members of which 2 are needed for the same meeting.
  2. When you have one selection rule (consisting of one or multiple people) that conducts meetings where you would like to add standardized meeting details such as an event title, calendar invite text, or meeting duration.