We believe scheduling for someone else should be just as easy as scheduling for yourself. The only thing you need to change is the host when you create the request. We will do the rest and make sure we pull the availability of the person you are scheduling for.

If you are scheduling for someone and agreed on pre-set blocks or slots you can add 'custom hours' or 'specific slots' to only share free times within those slots. If needed you can choose 'whether they are busy or not' to override calendar availability.

Want to update someone else's availability preferences?

If you schedule for someone who only wants specific days or blocks in their calendar considered you can update their availability preferences (this works as with updating your own).

Can't find the person you are trying to schedule for?

In order to schedule for anyone else in your organization they need to have an account in Cronofy so we have access to their calendar.

How can I get someone an account?

  1. Invite them manually via the 'members' section in your Cronofy dashboard (see below). The person you are inviting will receive an e-mail invitation that they need to accept within 48 hours. See more about user roles here.
  2. Your IT can sync accounts via a Service Account in a matter of minutes! This way anyone is added without needing to accept an invitation or receiving a notification. You can find more information for your IT here for Microsoft/O365 and for Google. You will not be charged for the synced users. You will only be charged for any user that has been part of a scheduled meeting.