Step 1: Connect to Cronofy

To get started with scheduling, your IT needs to enable the connection to Cronofy. There are three elements:

  • Connecting to your calendars
  • Connecting the right users
  • Connecting to your tools such as your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

There are two ways to connect users, either via Enterprise Connect or domain signup.

Enterprise Connect allows you to 'sync' all (or a part of) your organisation automatically. Domain signup allows everyone on your domain to join your Organizational Unit in Cronofy.

When should I use Enterprise Connect?

We recommend Enterprise Connect if you need to schedule on behalf of a large group of users.

This way you don't need to spend time on user management as Enterprise Connect will automatically sync the calendars of the users in your directory, making it possible for them to start scheduling for themselves and on behalf of any other users in your Organizational Unit.

❌ No sign-up is required

When should I use domain signup?

We recommend domain signup if:

  • You won't be scheduling much on behalf of others and will have users that mostly schedule for themselves.
  • You only have a small group of users.

✅ Signing up is required

Connect via Enterprise Connect

Office365 and Graph API

You can find the steps to connect the calendars and provide access to users here or watch the video below.

Google Workspace

You can find the steps to connect your calendars and provide access to users here.

Want to limit access to a specific group of users? Please find a guide for restricting service account access here.

Exchange Web Services - (EWS)

You can find the steps to set up a service account and connect the calendars here.

Want to limit access to a specific group of users? Please find a guide to set up a distribution group here.

Connect via Domain Signup

Anyone with a designated e-mail domain(s) can signup to your Cronofy unit (with SSO). You can find the steps to do this here.

Connect with your existing tech-stack

Why should I integrate it with my tools?

It will allow you to reflect the scheduled meetings in your system.

If you are scheduling interviews with your ATS such as Greenhouse or SmartRecruiters, you will be able to see the interviews in your candidate's overview! 💥

Less manual work when working with the extension in your existing tools.

The recipient's email address will be auto-populated when creating a scheduling request via the Cronofy browser extension. No need to copy and paste! 🤩