Step 1: Check if the interviewer(s) have an account in Cronofy.

Step 2: Create a selection rule for each criteria of required interviewer in the interview.

Step 3: Create a template where you include the selection rule(s) you just created.

Step 2: Creating selection rules

A selection rule is a group of one or more interviewers that should be considered for the interview. Note that you can make any combinations that are needed, such as creating an interview template that includes Tom and Jane (one selection rule), plus Christy, Michael, or Fernando (one selection rule).

Scenario 1: You want to select one or multiple interviewers from one interview criteria (e.g. two backend team members that come from one pool)

Scenario 2: You want to combine one or multiple interviewers from different interview criteria (e.g. one backend team lead from one pool, plus one backend team member from another pool).

Scenario 3: One specific interviewer (e.g. recruiter personal screening call template so you can add a tag with a constraint to limit the max number of interviews they will get booked in on a daily/weekly basis).

Step 3: Creating a template with the selection rule(s)

The only things you need to check in the template (as the rest will be overwritten by the automation / Greenhouse):

  1. Primary Host/Rule (the selection rule you just created).
  2. Selection rules (and additional selection rules you want to include for this interview).
  3. Scheduling period (in what timeframe should the candidate have their interview).
  4. Minimum notice (how much notice time should the interviewer(s) get?).
  5. Tags (in case you are using constraints for how many interviewers the interviewer(s) are allowed to have).
  6. Conferencing: "Default conferencing".