Why do I have to verify my application in order to move from Development Mode to Production Mode?

Author: Adam Bird

23rd February 2016

Calendar data can be incredibly sensitive so we need to be as sure as possible that when we receive an authorization request from your application, that we don’t pass authorization codes back to an application with nefarious intent.

In order to do this, we store one or more of the redirect_uri you will be using with the authorization process. We then validate any requests that come against this redirect_uri whitelist to ensure we’re only redirecting and thus passing codes to your application.

When you’re ready to verify your application. Email support@cronofy.com with a list of URIs and we can add them.

NB: we don’t support wildcards in the URIs. While we do support more than one URI for an application, we would recommend setting up separate applications for each of your development, staging and production environments.

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