Connect your software to the Microsoft Exchange Calendar API

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Well-documentated API


Built with privacy and security in mind


On-going active development


Eliminates synchronization issues


Works with, Office 365, Apple, and Google Calendar APIs at the same time


Calendar events are calendar events, not modified emails like if you work directly with Exchange

Connect to all 127+ versions of Microsoft Exchange, no additional effort required

  • Build software that works with all past, present, and future versions of Microsoft Exchange’s Calendar API
  • Read, write, and edit calendar events
  • Sync changes in real time
  • Connect to on-premise Exchange services
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Implementing Cronofy was painless – they provide a simple and clear API that allowed me to have the integration live to customers in less than one month.

Drew Zader
Senior Software Engineer - Handshake

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Customizable UI Elements

  • Use our customizable UI Elements in any combination you need
  • Users can connect and disconnect calendars, set working hours, or book appointments
  • Design to match your branding

Connect to multiple calendars at the same time

  • Connect to all the calendars on a company domain at the same time with Enterprise Connect
  • Deal with one entry point per company, not one per calendar
  • Book meetings based on the availability of attendees and meeting rooms
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Safety and security sorted

  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • No ongoing maintenance required
  • Authorize connectivity individually, by group, or by organization

Try for free for as long as you need

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  • Experiment with the full range of features
  • Sync up to 20 calendars to your trial account
  • Only pay when you’re ready to go live

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