Access the calendars of entire organizations

Authorize access to the calendars of an entire company domain in one go. The IT or data security departments of that organization have full control over who is calendar connected and when.

Global brands deliver better scheduling with Cronofy

Onboarding made easy

Every company calendar connected

Say goodbye to the hassle of everyone within a company manually granting calendar connectivity to your software. Authorize access to the calendars of an entire company domain in one go with Enterprise Connect.

It works alongside individual calendar connectivity, too. Administrators retain full control over who is calendar connected and when.

Whatever approach you and your customers take, the API calls you make to manage a user’s calendar work the same.

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Protect your users' data

Tried and tested calendar security

Instead of there being one entry point for every connected calendar, Enterprise Connect creates just one for the whole company calendar domain. This means fewer entry points into your customers’ calendar domains, adding an extra layer of protection for them and you.

Whether your customers are Fortune 500s or SMEs, you can rest assured that their calendar data is protected.

Resource booking

Book rooms and resources simultaneously

Make sure your users have access to all the resources they need when they need them. Enterprise Connect gives your software access to calendars for bookable resources like rooms, parking spaces, and equipment.

Your software can also get a notification if a room is double-booked. Users can then alter their booking to fit their needs.

The more calendars that are connected to your software, the easier it is for users to schedule meetings. When calendars are set up for rooms and resources, it means that meeting organizers can book everything – people, places, and equipment – at the same time. Organizing meetings becomes a swift, hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

The 8× service is designed to provide on demand access to secure video meetings for anyone with a web browser. We’re genuinely excited that Cronofy is bringing this capability to any service that they’re powering scheduling for.

Tim Mooney
Head of Product, Video Collaboration - 8x8
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"Clients around the world entrust their data to Iron Mountain. Ensuring that their information – as well as our employees’ calendar data – was secure was a critical part of our work with Cronofy. Thanks to their Enterprise Connect feature we were also able to onboard all of our inside sales teams in one go."


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